Today, people are exposed to up to 10,000 marketing brand messages each day.
So that makes it a little tricky to stand out as a small fish, in a very large and crowded ocean.

The answer is to be where your customers are actively searching for a service. And that place is increasingly online.

But as a construction pro, you are probably rather too busy with the nuts and bolts of the day job, to dedicate much time to your digital marketing strategy.
And if like many, you find the whole thing confusing, here are just three golden tips to boost visitors to your website.


In the olden days, you would be in the phone book. But today, you need to be in a web directory.
Of course, this is not just any web directory, but one which is relevant to your businesses need.

As construction or paving professional, this is likely to be something like AngiesList, Contractors or

When you come to fill out the forms for these sites, makes sure you do it as fully as possible and don’t miss out vital contact information such as your web and email address or phone number.
You would be surprised how many people do!


Although it might seem strange to suggest that you give away your trade secrets, this is just what you might want to do.

YouTube is full of construction explainer videos, that is to say videos explaining how to do a certain job.

And YouTube is only second to king Google, as the largest search engine on the internet.

By filming and uploading a few simple videos showing viewers crucial or popular jobs, you can build a rapport with your potential customers.

Marketing is all about building up trust with the public. One way of achieving this is to give away something for free. In this case, some of your time and expertise.

Don’t forget to share the video on your Facebook, website and blog!


There is no way better than connecting with the potential clients in your area, than by using social media.

But we know that this could be overwhelming. Which is why we would recommend you stick to just one or two channels and do them properly.

If you only do one social media platform, then it should be Facebook.

By getting involved in local and community pages, you can reach the people who will want your services, fast.

We would also suggest trying out a Facebook advert, to better help target your potential customers.